Left in Despair

by Life's Edge

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released March 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Life's Edge Vilnius, Lithuania

Life's Edge is a melodic dark metal band from Vilnius, Lithuania.
What had started out as a gothic rock act soon became a much heavier and darker sounding sextet than any of the members could have imagined.
Through the years LE had released two EPs of ear-blowing, brain-melting material and played a respectable amount of gigs in Lithuania and abroad.
Currently LE is searching for new musicians.
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Track Name: Light That Never Shines (Intro)
Deep inside this forest,
Near the crestfallen shadows,
I seek the light,
That never shines upon the earth.

Walk with me,
Speak to me,
Care for me...
Be with me until it's over.
In the deafening silence,
All will end.
Track Name: Impurity
Your human eyes want to see me,
As an angel guardian,
Thee pure good,
With attached wings white.

That’s what I was decades ago,
But all of your human things,
Make my beauty disappear,
So you can’t see light near me.

The wings of god’s tears are on me no more,
The fallen from now you can call me.

Once an angel I was too,
But I Saw the earth’s life through.
I bleed it down, my sanity with feathers,
I became a human near them.

More and more they wanted me,
I did what they asked to see.
Humanity made a creep on me,
A lost soul, a demon they set free.
So here I’m standing in front of you,
Hear my voice and obey,
For my fall you will now pay.
Track Name: Our Drowned World
In dead silence i stand and pray,
For the answer why you do not obey.
The music of life we created together,
But now you are thinking: why to bother?

We are standing on the edge of whole,
Our own drowned world.
Will you let the old be reborn?
It depends from you now.
The truth is that you are too wild,
For the serious you just died.
All of my serpents will send you to the past,
You belong there lost.

Nowhere else now you belong,
So doom yourself and soon be gone.
Not reborn…
You are just gone…

Awaken from a dead sleep,
But you are just too weak.
Far from our memories you are drowned,
So lie down to the bed of lies,
Where you now belong blind.
Track Name: Left in Despair
My rivers of sorrow are still not frozen,
And my heart is still full of unholy light.
That’s not the life that I have chosen,
So I’ll walk into the shadows… Into the night.

Forgotten by you and left in despair,
Still cursed with these sleepless nights.
But sweet silence won’t leave me,
Until I’ll see my final light.

Just let me drown in solitude,
In the only place where I still can hide,
Where all happiness has died,
Where all my requests were denied.

I still have loneliness to share,
With dead flowers on a forgotten grave.
And I hope that no one can see this pain inside,
Because I'll try to leave it all behind.
Track Name: Emptiness
So cold…
It’s overtaking me.
Nothing to hold…
Loneliness stays within me.
Darkness seems the lightest place,
Nobody can find me crying.
Last emotion on my face,
Miss death is leading me… I’m dying.

I still live in depth of my dreams,
And all I can hear is how my mind screams.
I can’t take no more excuses,
It seems there’s nothing else to reach or to lose.

So weak…
It’s too late to change something.
No more speaking…
Just left everything behind.
I have reached the edge of life.
So I’ll fall as long as it takes,
To suffer for all my lies,
It’s the last of all goodbyes.

For all that’s worth my life was worth nothing,
And all these words just make you laugh.
It helps me to realize,
That you were my only committed crime.